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Read between the lines

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

You can't write Romantic Comedies or RomComs without the comedy. I've been performing and studying improv since I was 14, and then stand up when I was 19. The funniest jokes are always between the lines.

For me the best mix of comedy in a romance are:

  1. Situations

  2. Reactions

  3. Witty banter

Situations: I always let my imagination wander. What would happen if this happened to me this way? How would a meet cute go if the heroine's car wouldn't start and she was already having a bad day?

Reactions:, that's where we really see the character develop. How does she react when her rival gets the promotion over her? How does she react when she catches her loser boyfriend cheating on her? How does she react when someone steals her clothes from the laundromat?

Witty banter is clutch for a romantic comedy. It's short and snappy comebacks. This is when you stewing in the shower over an argument and you think of all the best things to say after the fact. Use those ideas in your writing!

These questions and musings help me so much when I am drafting. Often I will get an idea and it just won't fit in my current WIP, so I save it in my notebook to use for a future project.

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